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Full Service REALTORS® in Brampton


Finding just the right home for you and your family is one of the most important things that you’ll ever do. That’s why your first step along the path toward your dream home should be to find a real estate professional who will provide you with the kind of service you deserve. There are many different types of real estate salespeople. Although all are regulated by the province, some work part-time and represent a few properties, while others are well-established, full service real estate brokers. Don’t settle for anything less than the best! During the somewhat stressful business of buying a home, you’ll want someone at your side who is knowledgeable, reliable, skilled, and experienced. You’ll want someone who will go the extra mile to make sure that your family finds just the right place to make memories in the coming years.


What Does a Real Estate Broker Do?


The answer to this question depends very much on the real estate professional you choose. Most will have a certain set of client services that they perform. These might include:


  • Advising you about mortgages and financing, and helping you to determine what price range you will be able to afford. Informing you about any home buying programs that may apply to you.
  • Setting up appointments for you to view properties that fit within your budget, your priorities, and your family’s needs.
  • Taking you to the properties and showing you through the homes.
  • Providing you with pertinent information about Brampton neighbourhoods. REALTORS® should be able to point out advantages such as good schools or recreation facilities, as well as disadvantages such as heavy traffic areas or a dearth of grocery stores. Sometimes you want to know information that’s not easily available, such as which neighbourhoods have services available in languages other than English, or which areas may be subject to more development in the near future. Your broker should know the city well enough to answer your questions, or help you to find the information.
  • Helping you to make an offer on a home, negotiating with the seller if possible.
  • Being present during the home inspection and making note of any problem areas for further discussion.
  • Guiding you through the paperwork when your offer is accepted, walking you through contractual agreements; helping you to choose pertinent clauses, and making sure that you know what you’re signing.
  • Coming with you for the closing process and making sure that everything goes smoothly.


Choosing a Broker


Obviously, finding the right broker is a crucial part of your search for the right home. You can start by exploring realty websites for the Brampton area. Look for companies that list a range of homes that seem like they would be a good match for your family’s needs and budget. Once you’ve narrowed your search, contact prospective real estate professionals and arrange to meet them. Find out whether you communicate well, and whether or not they have some good ideas for you. Before signing a contract, ask for a recommendation from a recent client, and check to see that the broker is registered with the Real Estate Council of Ontario, the professional association that holds members to ethical standards.


Contact a full service Brampton area REALTOR®, and take the first step on the path to buy your dream home!